1993 - 10 litas coin issued to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II to Lithuania

Mint: Lithuanian Mint
Specifications: diameter - 28,70 mm, weight - 13,15 g
Alloy: copper (75%) and nickel (25%)
In the edge: note TIKEJIMAS. MEILE. VILTIS
Designers: Leonas Pivoriūnas and Petras Garška
Mintage: 10 000 pcs.

2003 - 200 litas coin issued to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the crowning of Mindaugas

Mint: Lithuanian Mint
Specifications: diameter - 27 mm, weight - 15 g (core 7,9 g)
Alloy: gold (Au 900) and silver (Ag 925)
In the edge: note LIETUVOS KARALYSTĖ 1253
Designer: Petras Repšys
Mintage: 2 000 pcs.

1928 - 100 litas

Printing House: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Ltd, United Kingdom
Size: 155 x 85 mm
Signatures: V. Jurgutis, J. Paknys, Julius Kaupas, Z. Starkus, P. Grajauskas
Series: AB
Watermark: Grand Duchy of Lithuania duke's Kęstutis portrait.
Designer: Adomas Galdikas




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